To Rebuke or Not to Rebuke

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 9

Gold Nugget
Verse 8: Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you; Rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.

To rebuke or not to rebuke… that is the question. It isn’t always easy drawing the line between when you should confront someone and when you shouldn’t. The truth is, every rebuke isn't appropriate, even when someone is in the wrong. We all know people who have no regard for God. We know people who do not want our opinion or our instruction. To them, your words will only irritate and provoke them. I'm not talking about people that we don't know if they will receive our correction. We don't avoid correcting based on the unknown. It's those who we now good and well will not be receptive. They are like the first part of today's gold nugget that says, Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you...

So, when is the right time to rebuke? When the person being confronted or others affected by the issue could benefit or learn from your correction, then proceed with love. Those who love truth will receive it from you when it is delivered in love. Not only will they accept your correction, they will love you for it. Consider the second part of today’s “gold nugget”, Rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.

Lord, I know there is an appropriate time to confront someone. Help me to have the wisdom and love to know when it is the right time and when it isn’t my place . Amen

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