Trust and Obey

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 8

Gold Nugget
Verse 36a: "But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul;"

It can be frustrating for us as parents when our children do not see the purpose for our rules. As teens, they see rules too often as some cruel way that we get pleasure out of watching them suffer. It can be very difficult to convince them that we are trying to protect them. When we restrict who they associate with, they don’t always see it as a protective act. Most young adults are convinced that no one can influence them to do anything. They are over confidant in their own ability to be independent. This is amazing considering all they do to fit in. We on the other hand, know that our rules are in place to protect them. They are not in place to protect us. Their refusal to adhere to our rules is not necessarily going to cost us, but more likely to cost them. As today’s “gold nugget” says, "But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul;"

If your teen doesn’t obey the rule about texting and driving, their sin against your rule is not the real issue. Their sin against their own soul that dies in a car accident is the ultimate point. Even as adults, we tend to obey only the laws of God that we can see the obvious and immediate repercussions of. This unfortunately mirrors our kid’s attitude towards our rules. When will we mature and obey God regardless of our own perspective? When will we take Him at His Word and do as the old hymn says and trust and obey. Really, there is no other way? To be happy in Jesus, you must trust and obey. Between us and God; who ultimately pays the highest price for our disobedience? Although He paid the price for our sin on Calvary, if left un-repented, the wages of our actions will finally rest upon us.

Lord, thank you for the reminder of our attitude that too often falls to the same level as a rebellious teenager. Help us to act like mature Christians and obey you unconditionally. Amen

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