Love Over Money

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 15

Gold Nugget
Verse 17: Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred. 

There have been countless movies and books that tell the story of the one that forsakes riches and fame for the simplicity of peace, love and happiness. Even in those stories, usually the person that makes this sacrifice is rewarded with both love and riches. Well, that’s the movies. They have to get both riches and love to appeal to our natural desires to see the hero get both. If not, we would leave the movie theater feeling shorted. Although there are exceptions to the rule in how the movie ends, we still sacrifice the wrong things too often in our real lives. In our nation, we sacrifice peace, love and happiness for a life that promises riches and popularity. Our children are being raised by day cares; spouses are looking for fulfillment from their jobs and friends more than from each other. Our God is being replaced with anything that we set our eyes on for the moment. Today’s “gold nugget” reminds us that “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred.

It is better to live with less and have love, than to have abundance and live in turmoil. How many families are living without peace and love in big houses, fine cars, and fancy clothes? It is the American way of life. We would rather have someone raise our children for us so we can double our income for greedy motives. It’s sometimes necessary to double the income and put our kids in daycare, but it shouldn't be for greedy incentives. Why not live on a more modest platform and increase the quality of life for our families? The quality of life isn’t gauged by luxuries, but by peace, love and happiness.

Lord, I want to remember what is truly important in my life. I wan't to honor you and put the important things in life in their proper perspective. I will put the love of others and you before the things that this world has to offer. Amen

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