Sleeping Good

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 2

Gold Nugget
Verse 8: "He guards the paths of justice, and preserves the way of His saints."

 We should be able to sleep at night knowing that our elected officials are busy looking out for our best interest and preserving the constitution. We should be able rest at peace, confident that they are establishing provisions to preserve the american way of life. We should be... Well, regardless of the fact that I have very little confidence in our elected officials to look out for anything that's in my best interest, I still sleep like a baby. I rest with peace in my heart and mind, knowing that my God is busy establishing provisions to preserve the Christian way of life. Because He doesn't sleep, there isn't any reason for us both to stay up. I know that the Christian Constitution will never be amended, because it was flawless and timeless. It's always applicable and relevant and doesn't need to be revised. My God guards the path He established for me ("He guards the paths of justice") and He has preserved my way ("...and preserves the way of His saints."). It gives me great comfort knowing that I can't be undone while I am asleep. What He has accomplished in me, He will complete. My security lies in Him and all my hopes are secure. I have invested in the Kingdom of God  and the return is unmatched by the best opportunities known to man. You can't by stock, because it's given away freely. Yes, I will sleep secure tonight knowing that I am secured. I feel for those who don't have this security and hope to share the truth with as many as I can. Will you join the effort?

Lord, thank you for everlasting arms of safety and security. I glorify you for you'r constant presence and protection. Amen

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