A Better Investment

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 23

Gold Nugget
Verse 23: Buy the truth, and do not sell it, also wisdom and instruction and understanding.
If our lives were the stock market, the best investments would be the commodities mentioned in today’s “gold nugget”. Truth, wisdom, instruction and understanding are the principle shares that have the highest returns. Buy the truth, and do not sell it, also wisdom and instruction and understanding.  I’m not rounded in the business of finance concerning the stock market, but I can appreciate the agenda that the proverb for today is focusing on. All of us are in pursuit of something. Some in pursuit of money, fame or material things such as cars, houses, boats, clothes, etc. Some of us are in pursuit of more appropriate things that have eternal value, but rest assured we all pursue something. We need to channel that pursuit into an appropriate direction. God is the source of everything that we could ever truly need or want. He is the possessor of the key elements that produce all of the other things that we desire. 

Here are few stock tips for finding a steady return:

  • Put the desire for truth over convenience and comfort
  • Put the most mature and appropriate decision forward to ensure wisdom over folly
  • Seek instruction and be open to receive it over pride
  • Receive understanding instead of playing ignorant
If we are hungry and seek God, He will make available to us truth, wisdom, instruction and understanding. Buy them. We purchase them through commitment and sacrifice of our time. I'm not talking about salvation, we know that isn't earned or bought, but once we receive these things from God and see them flowing into our lives, we will not sell them! We will not give anything in return for them. We will then experience the true mature walk that He desires for us. Let us refocus today and get our compass pointed in the right direction.

Lord, the elements mentioned in today’s “gold nugget” cannot be bought at the corner store or off of EBay. They are given to us by you through commitment and loyalty. Help us to invest in the things eternal and watch them overshadow the things that are temporal. Amen

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