The Gray Head

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 20

Gold Nugget
Verse 29: “The glory of young men is their strength, and the splendor of old men is their gray head.”

It’s all about perspective. Being optimistic about your situation or condition is one of the successful keys that opens the door to living a satisfying life. I try to find the good in whatever situation I’m in. Too often the old man envies the young man’s youth, energy and opportunities and on occasion, the young man sees the splendor of the old man's accomplishments and envies him. We need to more appreciative of which part of the timeline we live in. Either end has its benefits if someone wants to see them.

The old saying, “It’s not the destination as much as it is the journey” was probably originated by an old grey haired man or woman. Being content is one of the greatest personal accomplishments you can make. It doesn’t mean that you're content with less than you should be, but rather content with where you should be. The young folks that sees the rewards of the old folks hard work and feel entitled to equal rewards are not only barking up the wrong tree, but are an offense to the person that earned them through time. Be patient young one. Pay your dues and in time you will reap your reward. Old one, enjoy your season. If it’s winter, grab a blanket and warm your gray head by the fire. The young man can go out in the cold and put his good strength to use.

Lord, I’m grateful for the accomplishments you’ve made in me and purpose to enjoy the today you’ve given me. Help me to be patient for the things to come and honor you with the day at hand. Amen

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