Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 5

Gold Nugget
Verse 23: 
He shall die for lack of instruction, and in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.”

Just as the scriptures teach us that the people perish for lack of vision and lack of knowledge, it also teaches us that people perish for lack of instruction. Even if I know that I have a doctor’s appointment and know the time I’m supposed to be there, I still need direction on how to get there. Instructions come in various forms - and that can be the problem. If our instructions came in the way we want, expect and find convenient, we would be in good shape. Unfortunately things are not always so convenient. Often our instructions will come at what may seem the most inopportune times, places and through sources that we may not be open to. These are the times when we can either grow or digress. When we are headed in the wrong direction, but are enjoying the ride, it may not be the time when we want to be instructed to go elsewhere. When we are unsure of what to do and want to stand still, the instruction to move out or on may not fit into our comfort zone. Often the most difficult time to receive instruction is when it comes from someone that we really don’t want to receive instructions from.

Today's devotion presents us with the choice of making a sacrifice. Whether we sacrifice our fear, our will or our pride, we have much to gain in following the instructions. Too often we fail to realize what we have to gain through the obedience. Instead we neglect or reject the wise instructions before us. What needs to change in our lives is for us to become a people that choose what it right? We must choose to accept instruction, even if it comes at the “wrong” time, place or from the person we would prefer it didn't. We must be more concerned about our growth than our fear, our will and our pride.

Lord, I know that you send me instructions sometimes in ways difficult for me to accept. I also know that you don’t send it in ways that are impossible. Give me the wisdom to follow good instructions without hesitation. Amen

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