Don't be Cruel

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 12

Gold Nugget
Verse 10:  A righteous man regards the life of his animal, But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. 

 Today's "gold nugget" is one that spoke to me years ago in a special way. I wasn't aware of the bible mentioning cruelty to animals. I just figured God was so concerned with us that He didn't make mention of animals. Although I would consider myself one that loves animals, the measurement of how a man's general state is connected to whether or not he is wicked or righteous. We do have a tendency to be "righteous" in the right areas of our lives. That is, the areas that we think measure who we are. The problem is that we have the whole thing backwards. Being cruel to animals is just the symptom of the real wickedness that infects our lives. The wicked heart is the real problem and manifests itself through various symptoms. It could be cruelty to animals, laziness, selfishness, perversion, drunkenness, or many other potential ways it could reveal itself in our lives. You may know the ways it rears it ugly head in your life. You may be aware of the many ways it may manifest itself. Many people try to focus on the symptoms instead of the real cause. The only real progress one can make in having victory is to acknowledge their inner defect and allow the Lord to take rule in their heart. The wicked manifestations we mentioned are the overflow of a heart that is, or gives in to wickedness. In turn, the Lord's rule in our heart will overflow with righteousness. Don't focus on the works of the flesh, focus on putting to death the flesh and it's works will perish with it.

Lord, I need to be reminded that my flesh is not subject to your righteousness, but rather an enemy to you.  My spirit is subject to me and I must focus on walking in the spirit and by default will abandon the works of the flesh . Amen

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