The Relay

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 10

Gold Nugget
Verse 7:  The memory of the righteous is blessed, But the name of the wicked will rot. 

It's not often that I concern myself with the legacy that I leave behind. Right or wrong, once I'm gone - I'm gone. There will be a few people that will likely morn me for a time, but even the closest of friends and family will once again focus on the life and responsibilities that they have before them. The impact that I wish to have on people while I am here is to somehow convince them of the impact they need to have on others while they are still here. In a relay race, it isn't important how fast runner 3 ran, but what the team accomplished as a whole. The fastest runner of a team that lost still doesn't stand in the winner's circle. It is a blessing to remember those that have run before us, but I don't imagine them up in heaven glowing in the glory of our praise. The blessing is ours that remain. As the next runner in the relay, we benefit (are blessed) by the pace and distance that our previous runner accomplished. We are the blessed ones. We are reaping the benefits of our predecessor. As sure as the memory of the previous runner can be a blessing to us, the poor performance of a previous runner can be as rottenness. Not being given a good start for our leg of the race can cause resentment, pain and suffering. How blessed would the next person in the relay be if we made up for the time that was lost before us and gave our next runner a head start? It's not so much of what we want to leave behind to be remembered by, but to have given our connection to the future a good start and make an honorable effort towards the cause of the race. We have been handed the Gospel of Jesus Christ as something to carry in this race we run. We need to run the race with perseverance and discipline without concern for self glory, but for the love of our fellow man and the cause of Christ. Will you pick up the Gospel and run with passion, today?

Lord, I don't want to be slack while carrying your Gospel. I want my children and those that I may impact to pick up this Gospel and carry it with conviction. Help me to remember the cause of Christ and run the race with passion. Amen

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