A Conversation in the Drive-Thru

Reading for Today: Proverbs Chapter 25

Gold Nugget
Verse 28: Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.

Having found success in changing my eating habits, exercising and losing some weight, I stopped by McDonald’s last night to get one of their Strawberry-Banana Smoothies. They’re really tasty and occasionally take the place of my evening meal. As I sat in the drive-thru looking at all that junk food, my belly started to speak to my mind; “Awe, shucks! You’ve been good. You run 4 times a week, eat healthy and are feeling great. Your clothes fit better and everything. You can send us a little treat. Look at that cheese dripping off that juicy meat. Splurge a little. You’ve earned it and can get right back on schedule tomorrow.” Yes, my belly said all of that! It almost had me convinced until logical reasoning in my mind kicked in. My mind said to me, “That’s the way it starts, Steve. You already allow yourself to splurge some on the weekends.  If you start allowing your splurge to sneak into the weekdays, the next thing you know you’ll be taking mornings off of running. Then you will start feeling depressed from failure which will make you hungry….” I interrupted myself long enough to reply to the drive-thru speaker. “Yes, that will be all”. I drove home with my smoothie and left them to their hamburgers. It was delicious and was even sweeter with the taste of victory lingering in my mouth. I’m happy knowing that my flesh is learning to live in subjection to the will of my mind. Today’s “gold nugget” says, “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.” As a defenseless city without walls, so are we vulnerable to any attack of our fleshly desires. There all sorts of weaknesses that we have to deal with. Some folks have the perfect metabolism and can eat all they wish without gaining a pound, but may have other areas of weakness just as damaging if not worse. What is the hole in your wall that allows the enemy to come in and cause havoc in your life? Maybe the difference that you can make today is in your perspective. Whatever that weakness is, decide that it is the enemy. Begin to build up the walls of protection called self control before your city is over-taken.

Lord, thank you for helping me to be victorious last night. The changes you have made in my life are noticed and appreciated. The greatest accomplishments that you have to do in me are yet to come and are greater that any physical victories can compare. Amen

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  1. While I can't say that I have the perfect metabolism; I don't have a hard time shedding of weight. As I grow spiritually I ask God for wisdom so that my steps are always taken in the right direction, like yours in the drive-thru. It's easy to reward OURSELVES, but what reward is that?...I'll wait for my reward, in Heaven. "Iron Sharpens Iron"