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Reading for Today: Proverbs Chapter 5

Gold Nugget
Verse 15: "Drink water from your own cistern, and running water from your own well."

Today's "gold nugget" is refers to a man engaging with a women that is not his to have. Whether she belongs to another or he belongs to another, either way, the "cistern" is not his to drink from. At the risk of losing some folks for lack of relevance, we will deal with the core issues that are more widely relevant. Although the 10 commandments deal with adultery (7th commandment) and how we shouldn't have another person's mate, it is appropriate that it deals with coveting (10th commandment) without being redundant. The 10th commandment declares that you're not only to avoid having your neighbor’s wife, but avoid even desiring (coveting) your neighbor's wife. Or for that matter, anything he possesses. The offense of wanting what someone else has goes even deeper. God takes great pride in being a good provider. Imagine two mothers that prepare lunch for their child. After the meal has been served, one child ignores their mother’s hard work and stares at the other child’s lunch with envy. The mother will be hurt and offended. God is very concerned with meeting our needs. When we look to what others have and covet for their possessions, we offend God as sure as that child offended his mother.

Recap - to covet your neighbor’s wife is an offense to:
· Your neighbor
· Your neighbor’s wife
· Your wife (if married)
· Potentially children on either side
· Most importantly – God

It’s time we quit looking at others and what they have, what they have accomplished, how they live, how they look, what they drive, etc. The chain reaction of who it hurts goes farther than we may think. Maybe we should just learn to be content with what is proper for us and leave the vanity and lustful desires to the foolish.

Lord, whether it be what I drive, what I wear or where I live; I want to honor you by being content with what is proper for me. You are a great provider and if you see fit to give me something of lesser or greater value in my eyes, that’s okay by me. I trust you. Amen

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