Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 7

Gold Nugget
Verse 3Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.

If you have ever known a woman who has lost her wedding ring, you have seen a woman broken hearted… or one that wanted a new ring anyway. I’ve seen them cry and feel as if the marriage has lost significance because of the symbol of the ring. She keeps it and guards it closely. Unless she is applying lotion to her hands or washing dishes, there aren’t many reasons she will take it off. It is dear to her. When she first received it she stormed the town to show everyone what she was given and everyone was in awe. Whether the ring had great monetary value or not, most importantly was what the ring symbolized. It symbolized how her life would never be the same. How she would be different moving forward and for the rest of her life. Her behavior was going to change. She was no longer available to anyone else. She was now reserving herself for her one and only. Yes, this ring meant more than can be put into words. If we can understand the importance and meaning of this earthly treasure, than we are asked to apply that understanding to a spiritual concept. Concerning the wisdom of God and the priority we should have to obeying Him, he ask us to view our relationship with Him in the exact same way.

We are expected to treasure His Word and wisdom as today’s “gold nugget” says, Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart. He wants us to treasure Him and His teachings and instructions as a woman would view that engagement ring. The scriptures teach us that we are engaged to Him and we should treasure His truths. We should storm the town to show everyone what was given to us. We should see ourselves as never being the same. Our behavior is going to change. We are no longer available to anyone else. We are now reserving ourselves for our one and only.

Lord, I am thankful for your instructions and wisdom that is available to me through your Word. I want to wear it proudly and forsake all the worldly distractions that are set before me. Help me to maintain this for you. Amen

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