New Year's Resolve

Reading For Today: Proverbs Chapter 1

Gold Nugget
Verse 10: “My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent

It's good to start off the new year very aware that we will receive opposition from others that do not share our desire to allow the New Year to be a new start for many of us. I hope that there are many of us out there that want to take this opportunity to make some changes in our lives. Whatever bad habits or behaviors we may have fallen into in the past year, it is likely that there are some people that we fell into it with. We cannot assume that those people share our new found desires or resolutions to walk away from those things. They will most likely expect you to continue with them. If they have not resolved to change, they will likely take issue internally with your change and how it magnifies their offense. The best relief for them will be to get you back into it, but we must, as today's "gold nugget" declares, “My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent.” We have to be very careful and be ready to take whatever measures are necessary and totally remove ourselves from their company if that's what it takes. We don't want to be foolish and claim that we are not influenced by others. That is a foolish place to come to in our minds. We like to think that peer pressure belongs to teenagers, but that just isn't so. Read Psalm 1 if you can and see that God is very concerned with the company you keep and how it will affect you. The reality is we are pressured by our peers. The solution is to change our peers from those that pressure us to do wrong to peers that pressure us to do right. The company you keep can be the biggest element to ensuring your success in you New Year's Resolution.

Lord, I also need to be reminded that I want to surround myself with those that will encourage and even pressure me to walk in the faith, walk in love and walk in obedience. Amen

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