Making a Change

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 2

Gold Nugget
Verse 20: 
So you may walk in the way of goodness, and keep to the paths of righteousness.”

As we continue into the New Year, let us stay focused on making any necessary changes that we have come to acknowledge as needing attention. Most New Year’s resolutions are either to lose weight or quit smoking. Although my focus today is more on spiritual things, we could easily see the spiritual connections to those top resolutions. I’m not all that big on New Year’s resolutions as some people may be. Some Christians even say they are not scriptural and I guess I would have to agree that it’s not a common biblical practice. Whether we wake up on any given day and purpose to allow the newness of that day to be an inspiration for needed change or we start a new week with resolve to make changes, as long as we find motivation for these changes, all is good. Allowing the newness of a new year to be a spark for making change is grand enough for me. With most resolutions comes an almost immediate sense of failure and regress. After failing to stick to diets or failure to keep from lighting up, we quickly abandon our hopes of change until the next year. What can be the difference this year? What can keep us on the right path? Consider today’s “gold nugget”. Earlier the proverb tells us to seek wisdom and knowledge, So you may walk in the way of goodness, and keep to the paths of righteousness.” Although my concerns are spiritual and not of smoking or dieting, the things that I am more concerned with in my spiritual life can only find change in a steady diet of the Word of God that brings the wisdom and knowledge that Proverbs says will keep me on the path. I must be determined to be hungry for the Word of God this year and let it take care of my spiritual health. This will overflow into the other areas of my life. Of all the New Year’s resolutions that you have made, let the old “I’m going to read my bible more” be a priority this year despite however many times you and I have failed at it before. Refusing to make reading the bible a resolution because of how many times you have failed to maintain it is more foolish that avoiding a diet because of how many times you’ve failed to do that. Just a little reality check for you here; if you will admit that you don’t read His Word and or worship with the saints as you should and you have more focus on losing weight this year, what does that say about what’s truly important to you? Just something to think about…

Lord, although losing weight is an important thing for many and should be done, let us be more concerned about the spiritual changes we need to make. Help us to be more interested in making our spiritual life more appealing than making our physical bodies more appealing. Amen

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