Reading for Today: Proverbs Chapter 1

Gold Nugget
Verse 28: “Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; they will seek me diligently, but they will not find me."

I will tell on my son for just a moment. Since I have more than one, we will leave it a mystery to which son it is… (well to those that don’t know him anyway). Through his early school years, he was very good in his studies. He always finished atop his class with little effort. As he grew older he got less and less interested with his school work. Sports, girls and video games became more his passion. Somehow he always managed to squeeze out a point above failing and progress to the next level. Procrastination became his new approach to all things that didn’t fall in the big three categories previously mentioned. This approach got him through most of high school - although it strained our relationship at times. As was his mode of operation, he had everything all figured out leading up to graduation. He had barely passed all the classes he needed to pass and had a few classes that he was going to “test out” of. Like many classes, if you can pass a test of general knowledge, it can result in a passing grade despite your lack of input in daily assignments, quizzes, etc. He did so with several tests and was on track to graduate. Until… he had only one class left that would stand between him and walking the stage on graduation day, but he was certain he would pass it with ease.

Finally the day cam for my son to test out of his final class and graduate from High School. At the last moment he learned a tragic detail that had escaped him. This was one of the classes that could not be circumvented by a “test out”. This class was like many others that required the minimum daily assignments and quizzes be completed and passed. At this point it was too late. After years of hanging in with his friends and progressing to the next grade, he was not able to walk the stage and graduate with them. He sought out the teacher for an escape from the dilemma, but it was too late. All of his crying out for help went un-answered. He had doomed himself. Like today’s “gold nugget” describes, “Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; they will seek me diligently, but they will not find me." We must react to doing the right thing while the opportunity is still here. Many people will miss the “Big Graduation” because they think they can just get by with the bare minimum. If we treat our walk with the Lord like my son did his studies, we may find ourselves calling out, but it may be too late.

Lord, help us to realize that we should be living our lives in a way that pursues what is right and not just trying to get by. I want to please you in my daily assignments and even in the pop quizzes of life. All of these will require consistent interaction with you, my Teacher. Amen

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