Don’t Go There!

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 4

Gold Nugget
Verse 14: 
Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of evil.”

Misery loves company and the wicked want both associates and victims.  A friend reminded me recently of our ability to enable these people without even intending to. It only takes one link to break a chain. Some chains are for bonding while others are for bondage. It is constructive for people to bind together in unity and strength, but often chains are used for bondage and need to be broken. In 1980 the United States and 59 other nations refused to send their Olympic teams to the Moscow Olympics as a protest against the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Disassociation can often be the most effective form of prevention. 

Sometimes we simply must refuse to participate with someone harmful or refuse to be harmed by them. There is an American celebrity that has a very low approval rating, but extremely high TV rating. She is known by TV producers as a “ratings booster”. Even though the polls prove that America doesn’t even like her, we can't seem to disassociate with her. As long as she is a “ratings booster”, we will have to keep on seeing her on magazine covers and TV programs. If we really want to put a stop to bad behavior, we need to learn how to break free from harmful people and situations.

Lord, help me to see people that are destructive in my life and give me the boldness to defend others by boycotting these harmful people. I know there is a fine line on when is the right time to separate myself from certain people, but I know you can show me when and who. Amen

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  1. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned a reality TV personality, and it got me thinking ...

    Our American society seems to be hooked on reality TV shows of all kinds-- from shows where we watch the worst in people come out while they're stranded together in the middle of nowhere, to a following a family around and watching them air most, if not all, of their dirty laundry on national television-- we're hooked. But why are we so intrigued and keep coming back week after week to check in with this so-called reality?

    Well, it's part of our human nature to be curious. We always want to know what other people are doing, what their lives are like, etc. We compare ourselves, we have the desire to be "normal." So, sometimes watching these types of programs can actually make us feel better about ourselves or our lives. Perhaps the other part of it is that this provides us a sense of escape from our own lives. We can subconsciously leave our troubles "behind" for 30 minutes or an hour.
    But we should abandon this great escape mentality. Instead, challing ourselves and looking inward. Once we do He will guide us and lead us a place of peace and resolution.
    We've all probably been guilty of the "grass is greener" syndrome at one time or another. We think that someone else has a better lot in life, drives the better car, makes all the money, has the awesome job, the perfect relationship. But all we're really doing is putting our blinders on to what we really have around us in our own lives.

    For He has given us all green grass and it's far to easy to forget just how good it is.

  2. Well said, BaylorBear. We really do ourselves harm by comparing ourselves to one another period. Who among us is worthy of being compared to? He alone is able to set the standard and He has done so. Although we can only strive to be like Him, it is the striving that blesses Him. Strive on my friend! Thanks for the feedback!