Dishonest Scales

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 11

Gold Nugget
Verse 1: “Dishonest scales are an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is His delight.”

Recently I wrote a devotional titled “Pyramid Schemes”. In it I discussed how Christians seem to be getting involved in them without regard to the immoral design and practices they are built on. I lost a few subscribers as a result of speaking out on this, but I also had several people that stood with the truth by forwarding and re-posting the devotional to others. Although I didn’t want to lose subscribers, I will not compromise the truth to please anyone at the cost of displeasing the One I live for. Today’s “gold nugget” says, “Dishonest scales are an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is His delight.” With trade being the foremost commerce throughout history, goods have been weighed just as they still are in today’s produce section at your local grocery store. Even in the bible days, it was found that cons would use “false balance” or “trick scales”. Just like a two-headed coin, people would use these devices to scam others. Scheming and scamming has continued throughout history. The ugly thing about it is how it has evolved. Being dishonest has been washed down so much that now people engage in it without shame. I have heard Christians, ministers and even pastors speak of how they lied to the police officer, banker, etc. They don’t even think twice about confessing it. This didn’t always exist among Christians. We should be so ashamed of dishonest practices that we would never speak of doing them unless it was in repentance. Does that mean it’s okay as long as you keep it a secret? No, but if you will confess it openly without shame it means you have seared your conscience and changed the evil of this world into something acceptable. This behavior does not line up with the character that the bible defines us as having. A Christian is one that embraces honesty and purity. Despite what some may think, the Word of God addresses every moral position that a person can engage in and sufficiently addresses how they should behave. The lessons taught in the bible are as applicable today as anywhere in history. Neglecting to learn these principles by neglecting the truth that is so readily available will come at a greater cost that any of us are willing to pay. We will not be able defend our actions on that day. Christian, listen to the Word of God today and purpose to embrace honesty and forfeit “dishonest scales”.
Lord, help me to be aware of areas in my life that I neglect to fulfill the responsibilities I have in reflecting the true character of a Christian. Help me to be honest in every aspect of my life and turn away from dishonest practices and dishonest people. Amen

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