The Plumb Line

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 19

Gold Nugget
Verse 21: “There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the LORD’s counsel—that will stand.”

In the book of Amos 7:7-8, the Lord uses a plumb line to make an illustration to Amos. Why would He use a plumb line to make a point? To begin, let’s gather what we know about a plumb line. Often referred to as a “plumb bob” in construction, it is a simple device made of two parts - a string and a weight. The string is suspended from a desired location with the weight tied to the other end. This insures that the string is up and down without even one slight degree angled to the left or right. The law of gravity guarantees that the line will be perfectly straight. Of all the advancements in technology, the plumb line is still used to build even the most modern and precise structure without error. Of all the advancements we’ve made, we are all still bound by the law of gravity.  Having been in the construction industry all my life, I have been in situations where I have just “eye-balled” to see if something was plumb. Although it might get me through the moment, I knew that I would have to eventually make sure it is actually plumb. Optical illusions are all around us. The plumb bob has stood the test of time and is still applicable today. God Himself makes this illustration to Amos. He stands with the plumb line that is as accurate and as sure as anything can or ever will be. He tells Amos that the people will no longer “eye-ball” what is straight, true or right. They will use the instrument of His laws as a plumb line.

God knows that there are optical illusions all around us today and the only way to measure what is right, true and plumb, is to use His Word. In our society, there are many interpretations of what is right and true. Everyone has their opinion and worse yet, we have our own. None of these are immune to optical illusions. They are all just “eye-balled” perspectives. The only true way to ensure we are walking and living in the truth is to measure ourselves by the plumb line known as the Word of God (the Bible). Our own ways, plans or thoughts are like today’s “gold nugget”, “There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the LORD’s counsel—that will stand.” Knowing what God says about the condition of your life and the situations you deal with will ensure your ability to stand. Just as an ancient building constructed with a plumb line, you too will endure the test of time.

Lord, help me to remember that I cannot “eye-ball” my way through this life. I need your sure steady truth from your Word to tell me when I am not plumb and out of line. When you do show me, help me to be humble enough to allow the necessary adjustments to get me in line with your Word. Amen

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