Follow Your Heart - Not!

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 18

Gold Nugget
Verse 2: “A fool has no delight in understanding, but in expressing his own heart.”

 Today’s “gold nugget” is as simple and straight to the point as any we’ve seen. “A fool has no delight in understanding, but in expressing his own heart.” When discussing an issue recently, I could tell the person explaining their side of the issue seemed to have no regard for truth or facts. It was soon proven when they said, “I don’t care whether what you are saying is true or not. This is what I believe and I’m not going to change my mind.” They had such a strong feeling in their heart and didn’t care if it was accurate or not. Even if what they believed was a lie, they had purposed to continue “expressing their own heart “. The day we start ignoring the truth to appeal to what our heart feels is the day we can become slave to any fallacy that comes along… (as long as it feels good in our heart). I once had the difficult task of counseling with a woman that was convinced that the affair she was having was with a man that God had sent her. She insisted that the adulterous relationship was of God because it felt so right in her heart. No matter how much scripture I shared with her that was contrary to the position she took, it didn’t matter. She had “no delight in understanding, but in expressing her own heart”. I have a friend at work that is often quoted as saying, “Now don’t go muddying up the water with facts!” Although meant in humor, many people live by that very philosophy. The Word of God is pure and undefiled. We are to conform to the principles and precepts contained therein without prejudice towards our own desires. As discussed recently in other devotions, our hearts are not always in line with what is right and can lead us astray. There is a philosophy these days that says “follow your heart”, but can never be found in scripture. Its popularity stems solely from a society that has become more and more self-centered. The concept of relying on God and His written Word is the wisest and most fulfilling form of submission. Submitting to the truth in the Scriptures over the desires of our hearts is the only approach that aligns with God and His plan for your life.
Lord, I’m grateful for the truth and facts that are clearly defined in your Word. Help me to conform to your ways and heed the truth that is available to me and allow it to overrule the desires of my heart.  Amen

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