I Surrender All

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 3

Gold Nugget
Verse 6: "In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."

What if I went in to work and told my boss, "Today I'm going to work for you for 7 hours and I will take 1 hour for me to do my own thing." In truth, business norms have proven that 7 out of 8 hours is very productive, but the point of determining your own path is offensive to your manager and will be met with resistance. As far-fetched as this may seem, many of us take this very same approach with God. We determine to give God certain areas of our life and hold back the areas we want to keep to ourselves. Today's "gold nugget" reminds us, "In ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." This may be the missing piece that you have been looking for. You may have wondered why certain unfortunate scenarios have been playing out in your life. Maybe your present situation doesn't make sense to you and you are wondering why things have turned out the way they have. Maybe you are suffering from God not honoring your partial submission and have withheld the "direction for your path". Ninety percent seems like it should be good enough in most cases, but 9 yards in football will not get you a first down. You have to get all 10 to progress towards your goal. Jesus said that a halfhearted or lukewarm person will be spewed out of His mouth. He will not suffer a partial commitment. Are you in need of a complete surrender? Will you do it today?

Lord, I see the areas of my life that I have withheld from you and I repent. I will purpose to surrender ALL of my life to you and will walk in the paths you direct me in. Amen

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