To Be Perfectly Honest

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 30

Gold Nugget
Verse 8a: “Remove falsehood and lies far from me;”

 Whether it is lying or being lied to, I want both removed far from me. I’d like to believe that I have a reputation for telling the truth. It is very important to me that I neither lie nor suffer lies to be told to me. I really only have control over one of those. I have seen destruction in my life from both my own lies and others. It is a dead end street that will only cause and increase pain. Nothing good comes from lies and deception. Some people have not come to believe that lies are that harmful. If they live long enough, they should be able to see the cancerous effects of lies in a person’s life. The problem with lying and deceiving is believing that they go unnoticed. If I was to tell a lie that nobody could possibly know wasn’t true, is it still harmful? I believe it is still a destructive act. If not to others directly, the clear expectations from God concerning honesty proves its devastating results. Allowing dishonesty to have a place in our lives taints us from the purity that God has demanded of us.

Just like adultery, stealing and many other works of the flesh, lying is an offence in the sight of God. I want, like today’s “gold nugget” proclaims, “Remove falsehood and lies far from me;” I don’t want a lying trait in me and don’t want it around me. We should make a big deal out of lying. Today it doesn’t seem to be as big a deal as it used to be. The ironic thing is that no matter how tolerant our society may become towards lying, God’s perspective on it hasn’t change since the very first time His creation lied to Him in the garden. It hurt Him then, it hurts Him now and it will hurt Him tomorrow. Let us remove lies far away from us and be a people of character, honesty and trustworthiness. Let's be perfectly honest.

Lord, help us to understand the destructive effects of allowing dishonesty to have a place in our lives. Help us to desire that lies and falsehoods to be put far away from us and be perfectly honest. Amen

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