Honoring Heritage

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 22

Gold Nugget

Verse 2: Do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set.


In the book of Joshua, we find the account of the children of Israel finally crossing over the river Jordan into the promise land. This was a long time coming and the generation that lived to see the faithfulness of God had the honor and privileges to pass their experiences with God onto their descendants. In stellar fashion, the Lord once again displayed His wonder by drying up the river Jordan so His people could cross on dry land. Many who were there had heard of the similar crossing of the Red Sea and was now able to witness for themselves the awesome power of God and His faithfulness to His Word. Once they crossed Jordan, God told them to set up 12 stones next to the river as a reminder of His visitation on His people. The 12 stones represented the 12 tribes of Israel. They were there so the decedents would ask, "What's with these stones?"

Hebrews 11 is a literal hall of fame for those who demonstrated great faith in God. They are a great cloud of witnesses who have carried the Gospel before us. Like a relay race, they have concluded their leg of the race and have passed the baton of the Gospel onto us to continue the race. Yet, they have not gone away, but rather they now cheer us on! They have much to share with us through their legacy and we honor them best by how we run the race!


Lord, thank you Jesus for those who have gone before me. May I always listen and apply the wisdom and legacy of the faithful followers who walked with you before me.. Amen


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