Zero Gravity

Reading for Today: Proverb Chapter 24

Gold Nugget
Verse 10: If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.
Lately things have been very hectic for me. I’ve been very busy, all day, every day for a while. A few personal things have been weighing heavy on me and stress has been knocking at my door. Maintaining time for the Lord, His Word and keeping good spiritual maintenance over my mind, body and soul is taking a back seat. That’s not an excuse or acceptable, just an observation and honesty. Writing the devotion as opposed to lying in bed is a challenge, but I was never asked to walk a path of convenience. I have some adversity presently, but now of all times is the greatest time for maintaining myself spiritually. This is when I am most vulnerable. If I fall now because of adversity, I am weak. As today’s “gold nugget” says, If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

Anyone can resist the temptation to eat donuts while in a donut-free country. Strength is only of value when there is resistance. In space where there is zero gravity, me and my granddaughter can lift the same thing no matter how big it is. What good does strength do in an atmosphere like that? Many of us are so weak spiritually that God has to keep us in a zero gravity (or zero adversity) atmosphere. We can’t do Him any service there. We are still on earth where the laws of gravity are still in play both in the natural and spiritual realm. That being said, I will put my flesh into subjection, be strong in the face of adversity and be obedient to Him. I don’t know what adversity you may be facing today, but lift up your head, press on and exhibit your strength. You do not have to be limited to a zero gravity atmosphere; you are a front line warrior!

Lord, thank you for reminding me today of what my priorities should be. If my time gets pressed and I have to let some things slip, let them be things that are not of a spiritual nature. If I don’t get any play or TV time, let them slip off the schedule before you do. Amen

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